Editorial: 2013



Who and when was the first to call attention to the ability of paintings to enter a dialogue with the audience, we will never know, like we will never know the real name of the inventor of the wheel or compass. And pity, since the name of the first art critic is no less important for the history of human culture than the inventor of gunpowder. Meanwhile, it is this feature of visual artwork – its openness towards the viewer, that determined the fate of visual art in the human world. In order for the image to speak, it needs someone soul. A conversation about modern painting is impossible without a conversation about the contemporary viewer. Critics carefully avoid this issue, but artists cannot afford such a luxury. The artist sees the audience at each exhibition, the viewer is there, he stands next to the painting here and now. Who is this man and why did he come here? Apparently, in order to see contemporary art, he needs this art. If so, then the viewer is an inseparable part of the artwork’s space.
•  In the central streets of Paris, New York, London or Moscow, there are many well-equipped showrooms with signs that have the word “Gallery”. This is false. A gallery is a place where art meets with the audience. A place where a product meets the buyer is named differently – a shop. The contemporary gallery business does not need an audience. Going into any of the galleries, the first thing that catches your eye is the empty exhibition halls. The audience is not there. In most galleries there is a lack of artwork as well. To call work of art that which hangs on the walls is not possible, even with a rich imagination. A person who has visited the halls of major museums, will not buy any of this. Meanwhile, the person visiting museums does not attempt such a task – to certainly buy. Communicating with visual art is a completely self – sufficient process. And the natural question arises: where you can see modern professional artwork, specifically work of art, and not its surrogate?
•  This question is a leitmotif through numerous emails that comes to our journal’s postbox. This question is asked by the audience and it cannot be ignored – too far has the process of degradation of artistic culture gone. The journal “Russian Art & Paris” does not yet have its own showroom. Such a hall will certainly appear, but this won’t happen overnight. Today, we are focused on creating an informational field in which the audience can meet with those artists whose work is noted with features of a genuine artistic search. We constantly provide virtual pages of our journal to masters working in various directions, styles and genres. What unites all of them is the presence of real talent and true professionalism. As to how much interest it arouses in our readers from different countries and continents, you can witness by opening the statistical table of views posted below. In the coming year we will continue our exhibition activities. Artists, whose work will be presented at European exhibitions, you will be able to see in our quarterly column – “Art Show”. We will expand our creative cooperation with art historians and art critics, whose professional interests include contemporary issues. ©

Dear readers, we thank you for your daily presence, for your letters and your comments. We sincerely wish you and your family success and happiness in 2013! Happy New Year!


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