Artist Evgeni Yali, (Saratov)


Eugene Yali is an artist both rare and amazing. Rare, even for the richness of talent in Russia. It is difficult to find a name in Russian art that is comparable.  An analogy, however,  is perhaps easier to find in literature.  Probably with same kind of moonlight shimmer, Afanasy Fet surprised his contemporaries:  “Light of the night,  the night shadows…”.  Today this poet is clearly and confidently called  a philosopher. Perhaps similar qualities will be associated with the works of  Eugene Yali.

Yali is often referred to as a lyrical artist.  This is not entirely true. Behind the lyrical plot hides an impressive scale of a central theme: the theme of presence. Here and now. In the state where the mind “sees” the world in the way the world is.  The first thing that stands out upon encountering  this new painting style is the lack of a picture plane. Within the perimeter of the baguette, one can hear the rustling of the snow crust. The breath of the space is filled with the dampness of the dawn. All of this is the tangible flesh of reality.  The aura of Yali’s works is fascinating.  To discuss the  linear perspective, tone, or color scheme is either inappropriate or impossible. Such categories do not exist in these paintings;  what does exist, is a mystery of creation.  It is difficult to believe that the foundation of all this, is a shabby box of paint tubes.

The development of movement, its transfer within the two-dimensional space of a canvas, is astonishing. This task, which has almost disappeared from the perspective of contemporary art, comes easily and naturally in the works of Yali.  Like something obvious and long familiar, the flying of magpies; seemingly nothing special: they fly in nature and they fly in the painting. In works of other artists, however, they did not fly;  but in Yali’s works they flew.  This befits a master, who understands both form and meaning. The rhythmical series in the works of Yali is dynamic and always musical.  His compositional decisions are sharp unexpected as the click of photo-camera.  But through these instant portraits of villages and fields, disturbingly and clearly,  emerges a different portrait:  the portrait of the human soul.  What is the soul, whose is it? It is ours. Real and genuine.

by Russian Art & Paris ©  

Evgeni Yali is a Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. He is well-known artists. His paintings can be seen in the Tretyakov State Art Gallery, in the Saratov State Art Gallery named after A.N. Radischev, in the Saratov Oblast’Museum of Regional Studies,  in the State museum of the writer K.A. Fedin, in the Museum of Local Studies located in Engels, in the Art Gallery in Volsk.  In 1996 the All-Russia Academy of Art awarded Evgeni Yali with a Diploma for the best achievements in Fine Arts,  in the Art of Criticism  and Architecture. In April 1998 because of exemplary performance Evgeni Yali’s name was selected for biographical inclusion in the Eighth Edition of International Directory of Distinguished Leadership of the American Biographical Institute  (North Carolina, USA). Presently Evgeni Yali lives and paints in the City of Saratov, Russia.   
*  *  *
Eugeni Yali’s art develops naturally as life itself. The ordinary plots and impression of their naivety are obviously deceptive. This  artist penetrates into the very essence of the theme that he brings  onto the canvas.  Yali  thinks in space categories.  He  focuses on the correlation  and  interaction  of objects  in nature  and  in  his pictures, hence he detects the swiftest changes and slightest transfers of color and tone. His love is everywhere: he loves not only the subjects of his painting but even the very surface of the canvas, every single stroke and movement  of  his  art  brush. Everything is very truthful in his  art works and you forget all about the way they are painted.  Vulgar color or outward striking technique are absent in his painting The artist speaks to the world without any haste. This is a quiet and thoughtful conversation with Nature and with his own Conscience. We can find deep thinking about the essence and rash of life in the artist’s works. The painter helps his spectator to find a new and understand the things without which our further existence would be impossible on our charming planet.
by Konstantin Aleksandrov
The Honored Artist of Russian Federation, 
member of the Board of the Moscow Union of Artists 



Painting by Evgeni Yali in the exhibition hall of the Salon “Art en Capital” 2013, (Paris)


Painting by Evgeni Yali in the exhibition hall of the Salon “Art en Capital” 2012, (Paris)





Russian spelling: Художник Евгений Яли, (Саратов)





    • Ольга
    • June 30th, 2012

    Very nice works! The mood is calm and full of contemplation.

    • Natalia
    • December 1st, 2012

    Евгений Яли – русский художник с очень яркой индивидуальностью. Его искусство изысканно-утонченно, элитарно, при том обладает глубочайшим художественным содержанием и неизменной внутренней силой. Оно заглядывает в те глубины, где пребывает сама суть человека.
    Его творчество всегда созерцательно, и при этом, каким-то непостижимым образом, оно способно отражать мир современного человека, с его противоречиями и социальными бурями.
    Это красивейшее и редкое явление в изобразительном искусстве.
    Пейзажи по скрупулезному отбору деталей и отточенности композиции вызывают ассоциации с японскими гравюрами. Авторский язык ярок и своеобразен. В творчестве художника можно ощутить эхо интонаций Левитана и Саврасова, Павла Кузнецова и Борисова-Мусатова. При этом творчество Яли абсолютно современно и индивидуально. Его простота – результат строжайшего отбора, когда простое поднимается до истины – свойство, отличающее больших художников.
    Цвет очень прозрачен, тонок, сдержан, почти бесплотен. Рисунок выверенный, неожиданный, мастерский.
    Это художник, не терпящий внешних эффектов. Поверхностный взгляд на его картины найдет для себя слишком мало пищи, отметив лишь мастерство, но упустив главное. Зрителю, для полноты восприятия его творчества необходим определенный культурный уровень и опыт. В глубокий и интимно-лиричный мир картин художника нужно входить в соответствующем настрое, потому что он обращен к сокровенной тишине, живущей внутри у каждого из нас.
    Творчество Яли в разные периоды обретает новые грани. При совершенном мастерстве живописца, картины приобретают все большую глубину. Каждый этап, представляющий художника – это работы, в которых запечатлены влияния времени данного периода, при этом, удивительным образом, в них можно ощутить и присутствие вечности… В воздушной ткани пейзажей Яли запечатлены тонкие вибрации состояния современного человека и общественных процессов в сопричастности движениям природы, которые являются отражением целостности мира, его космичности.
    В картинах пейзажиста живут переживания: равновесия и зыбкости, покоя и ясности, предчувствия будущих катастроф и сокровенного одиночества, просветление. В каждом случае – это неизменно восхищение художника красотой мира.
    Художник Н.Сухинина.

  1. May 15th, 2012

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