Sergei Diaghilev brought cultures together and challenged the existing cultural order in a highly productive way. By expanding his international activities into art exhibitions and stage shows, Diaghilev connected people and ideas in what became arguably the first continuous large-scale cross-cultural and cross-genre project in the 20th century.  His talent and exquisite taste ensured the highest quality of his “Russian Seasons” productions during the 25 years of his leadership and after.  His partners became leaders of their own projects and carried his innovative style. Diaghilev’s apprentices worked in major cultural centers across the world.

by Steve Shelokhonov 

    • Leonid
    • October 4th, 2012

    Очень рад появлению такого журнала. Буду следить за выпусками. Рекомендую отразить на его страницах творчество С.Петербургских художников: А.Заславского, А.Зинштейна, Ю.Мудренова, Л.Симоновского, Н.Симоновского, М.Таджибаева, Л.Сморгона, М.Спивак, А.Позина и других.

    С глубоким уважением,
    профессор Л.Гецов

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