Artist Anastasia Vostrezova, (Saint Petersburg)

I see painting as the art of depicting the world in its beauty, be it a person, landscape or flower. Everything has its own color, its own mood, its own soul. In the physical world, through the perfection of form, the divine manifests itself in beauty. Beauty reveals and depicts what is eternal. In my paintings, I try to follow this practice in an effort to ensure that in the hearts of viewers, the painting arouses a world of thoughts, emotions – happy or sad, but always poetic and sublime. Not always and not in every artwork can this result be achieved, but this is the main objective, without which painting becomes meaningless.

I spend a lot of time in the ballet theater, and in the auditorium, as well as backstage during performances and rehearsals. It is impossible not to love this magnificent scenic world. I often talk with the artists, musicians, people of ballet and I am very close to the words of the great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, addressed towards all ballet dancers and artists alike … and even towards all people: “Let’s dance more, and try to find more beauty in the dance as well as in life. A true artist – whether he dances or does something else – always strives for beauty. So let us become one with the world of true artists, just as we become one with the world of dancers, because by replacing ugliness with beauty in visual images and intangible areas, we come a little closer to happiness and completeness …”.

Anastasia Vostrezova for the readers of the ”Russian Art & Paris”.

Against the backdrop of modern art, where there is no restriction of freedom of expression, we stop thinking that there is a downside to this permissiveness: the danger of losing the true balance between tradition and innovation, which are closely tied together. Today, the viewer who is more or less experienced in art, is difficult to hard to impress with catchy terminology of current trends. All of them can easily be heard or seen. The exhibition space is replete with all sorts of artistic “isms”, and each master armed with  the latest artistic arsenal creates
his picturesque worlds. Sophisticated and whimsical, they are of interest to very few people. These inventions lacks the most important thing – the presence of the artist, the person who has something valuable to say.
     The verified, genuine criteria of art is fully consistent with the creative style of Anastasia Vostrezova. A young artist who graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, she has already received good training in her native Yekaterinburg and managed to establish herself as a talented artist at many exhibitions.
     The painter’s unique and at the same time recognizable own painting style has its roots in the best examples of the world’s art heritage. Real parallels with the Russian native school of realistic painting of XIX century (we can remember iconic Vasily Polenov’s rural landscapes and bright, vivid beauty of women by Filipp Malyavin) appear in her art side by side with the influence of Mane and Degas. Yet, Anastasia preserves her individual and inimitable world vision, full of charming, magic, and soft poetry.
     The genre preferences of painter are also very diverse; from time to time she devotes her brush to landscape, portrait, still life and composed figurative scenes.The variety of technique follows the variety of topics. The oil painting, quite familiar to the audience nowadays, neighbor in her art with refined and gentle pastel technique, which was regarded through centuries as the most obvious confirmation of artistic skill. The plot, first of all capturing one’s attention in oil painting, here nearly vanishes; instead of it the sight is attracted by the grainy surface of the thick paper, agile strokes of the pastel pencil, slightly gleaming tones or, on the contrary, by the intense touch of pure color. Pastel is unsuitable for most complicated compositions and large-scale themes. Its own intimate nature determines the correct choice of the motifs themselves.
     Therefore the lyrical artistic intonation of Anastasia Vоstrezova’s works is accompanied by the specific circle of certain subjects – the flower pieces evoking the noble spirit of old Russian aristocratic household; bright folk types in the spicy oriental taste; and in particular the ballet themes, the world of theater and backstage. The tender and opaque vibration of pastel colors actualizes the delicacy and grace of young ballerinas, who seem to be charming not only on the stage but also in everyday life. The informal gesture of a girl refreshing her make-up, a little tired posture of a sitting girl are all marked with the natural inner beauty, which is even difficult to speak out. In the native school of painting this careful attitude towards the model can be found in the art pieces of Zinaida Serebryakova, who also turned to the ballet theme in 1920-th. But the older artist depicted it as the magnificent brilliant feast while Anastasia interprets the ballet much more modestly. Theater appears in front of attentive spectator’s eye as the essential (but not routine) part of life, which is able to uncover with every new sight other nuances and semitones of genuine beauty.

by Olga Pavlova, art critic,

aspirant of the Saint Petersburg State University
“Sylphs”  Pastel on Paper. (50 x 60 cm)
*  *  *
The St. Petersburg Conservatory and company «Akiva Talmi Presents» (USA) are organizers of a new annual exhibition and competition, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory.
The project was presented in May 2011. Opening of the first exhibition contest was held in the foyer of the Opera and Ballet Theater of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. It was attended by more than 20 authors: students of the I.Repin St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and the Shtiglitz Academy of Art & Design, already famous St. Petersburg artists, members of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg, and members of the Union pastel society. At the opening of the exhibition came Dan Talmi, president of the American company «Akiva Talmi Presents». The jury was headed by People’s Artist of the USSR Oleg Vinogradov. In the first round of the contest, the winners were three authors: Inom Mansurov – theater and cinema artist, Elmira Mustafina – one of the most well-known watercolorists of St. Petersburg,  and young artist Anastasia Vostrezova – recent graduate of the I. Repin St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts.
The idea of the exhibition-contest “Ballet in the visual arts” is timed with the anniversary of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, which will be held in 2012. The French word «ballet» comes from the Italian word «balet-to» – dance. For the past three centuries, this word referred to the spectacle which combines music, dance, drama and visual arts. Ballet is a topic that has always inspired artists and sculptors, and the “Russian Ballet” is a special topic in the world of art. On April 29, 2012, the “World Day of Dance”, at the Opera and Ballet Theater in the St. Petersburg Conservatory, a ceremonial evening dance was held, at which the first part of the exhibition-competition “Ballet in the visual arts” was presented. The warm introduction was given by Oleg M. Vinogradov,  People’s Artist of the USSR and dean of the stage-director department. Diplomas and money awards were given to the participants of the exhibition-competition on May 31, 2012.

by Natalia Yablokova,
curator of the “Ballet in the visual arts”
“Self-Portrait in a theater costume”  Pastel on Paper. (60 x 50 cm)
Anastasia Vostrezova was born in a family of artists in Ekaterinburg (1981). She spent all of her childhood in Moscow and in Pereslavl-Zalesski where her family had a summer house. She graduated from the I.Shadr Art College, Ekaterinburg (2000) and continued her art education in Saint Petersburg. In 2008 Anastasia Vostrezova graduated from the I. Repin Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied in the studio of Professor M. Devyatov. Now she live and work in Saint Petersburg.



Painting by Anastasia Vostrezova in the exhibition of the Salon “Art en Capital” 2013, (Paris).

Painting by Anastasia Vostrezova in the exhibition of the Salon “Art en Capital” 2012, (Paris). The SILVER MEDAL 2012

.Painting by Anastasia Vostrezova in the exhibition of the Salon “Art en Capital” 2011, (Paris). The BRONZE MEDAL 2011








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